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New Workouts and Schedule Changes Starting Mon. July 2, 2012

Working out at the Workout with Millionaire Boot Camp

Congratulations, boot campers! We’ve successfully completed our first month of boot camp, and you guys have really been giving it your all and taking your fitness to the next level.  We’ve had folks work out for the first time in decades, be able to do non-modified push-ups for the first time in their lives, start incorporating jogging and healthier activities into their lives, change their diet and eating habits, and lots of other great victories.

In order to improve the boot camp, we’re switching a few things up to provide the best boot camp experience for those involved – including a new workouts and scheduling. These new changes take effect Monday, July 2, 2012. (more…)


Sunday Classes Added and Sat. 6/15/2012 [ONLY] Class Canceled at the Park

ANNOUNCEMENT: This is the first week of Sat. and Sun. repeat classes [Sports Training Boot Camp]. Sun. classes will take place at the same time and same location.

This weeks Sat. class 6/15/2012 class will take place at a private location – moved to accommodate those who attend that class – and will not take place at Gwendolyn Brooks Park FOR THIS WEEK ONLY. If you’d like to train at the park with us, we’ll be there this Sunday.

Have a great day and make healthy choices.

Tuesday 6/12/2012 Rescheduled to Monday 6/11/2012

On Tuesday, 6/12/2012, my wife and I are celebrating our 7th Year Wedding Anniversary! [Booyah!!!] Because of the date, Tuesday’s boot camp will take place on Monday, 6/11/2012. We’re still on for Saturday and the rest of the week’s schedule will remain the same.

JUST TO CLARIFY: For the week of 6/10/2012, boot camp is scheduled for Monday, Thurs. and Sat. – THERE WILL BE NO BOOT CAMP ON TUESDAY.