Get In the Best Shape of Your Life

Millionaire Hoy’s Extreme 20 Min. No Flab 6 Pack Abs Exercise Routine

If you’re looking for a workout routine that’ll get you a ripped and lean 6 pack abs and cut belly fat; you’ve found it. This intense – no jokes, no gimmicks – 20 minute core exercise routine is sure to work your entire mid-section; including your oblique muscles, serratus, abdominals, hip flexors, and more.

Millionaire Hoy’s Extreme 20 Minutes No Flab 6 pack abs includes 19 hard-hitting stomach fat melting and muscle developing exercises which are followed up by a quick stretch and cool down period to reduce soreness and injury. Each exercise lasts 45 seconds with a 15 second rest period. The 20 min. No Flab Abs workout is extreme, but start at your own pace. For best results, do this workout no more than 3 days per week with a day of rest between each attempt… and remember: diet is the most important weapon in blasting away belly fat.

The 19 No Flab Abs Exercises Includes:

01 – Jogging

02 – High Knee Sprints

03 – High Knee Thrusts

04 – Seppuku Jumps

05 – Oblique Ski Hops

06 – Tuck Lifts

07 – Bicycle V Ups

08 – Crossed Leg Scissors

09 – Scissor Twists

10 – Side Knee Planks

11 – Cross Knee Planks

12 – Side Laying Obliques

13 – Butterfly Knife Thrusts

14 – Tornadoes

15 – Toe Touch Pulses

16 – Oblique Roll V Ups

17 – Side Hip Dip Raises

18 – Liu Kang Kicks

19 – Steam Engines



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