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About Us

Taking a Picture with "Boot Campers" After a Great Workout Session

Taking a Picture with “Boot Campers” After a Great Workout Session

Millionaire Hoy is a husband and father of four wonderful children. While having four children is more than enough motivation to stay in top physical form, he’s also passionate about helping others reach their fitness goals, get in shape, and boost their confidence.

Workout With Millionaire was started as a way to open up the possibilities of getting in the best shape possible  to those that didn’t have access to proper fitness training. Our boot camp was designed with you in mind and our “No Excuse!” policy makes our boot camps a No Brainer regardless of if you have a busy work schedule, kids, or are low on cash.

At Workout With Millionaire, we’re all about having fun, working as a team, and encouraging each other to push just a little harder  to get the results that we want to achieve. Our mixture of cardiovascular, plyometric sports conditioning, high impact interval training [HIIT], and strength training exercises are sure to help you get the results you want – regardless of if you’re a beginner or a hardcore fitness buff.

For more information on joining our weightless boot camp check out:

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